Penny farthing riding is becoming very popular with riders in many countries around the world, the UK, China, America, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Argentina,The Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Sweden,Latvia, Indonesia and many other countries. Facebook has a global open group of penny farthing riders called ‘ The League of Ordinary Riders’ with over 600 members.

What event could be established to link the riders together? How could people be encouraged to participate in events ? Phil Saunders and Joff Summerfield came up with the idea of a Penny Farthing World series and took the idea to James Pope at Face Partnership. The three teamed-up and have developed the idea.  We now have a Penny Farthing World Series that will be launched at the anchor event, the London Nocturne, on 4 June 2016 in the City of London.

What is the Penny Farthing World Series? It is a competition specifically designed for penny farthing riders of all ages and abilities. Points are collected by riders for attending events. So it is not necessary to win races to win the Penny Farthing World Series. The Penny Farthing World series is about getting people to ride their penny farthings and participate in events…

World Series additional info and how to register

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